3 Things

As I posted last week I am going to try to make a weekly ritual of writing this post about 3 things in the world of wine and spirits that I think are interesting, informative, or just plain top of mind for me. This is the second installment of this post and I hope you continue to check back for my review. So without further adieu and in no particular order…

1) Drink Ontario

I have posted a few things declaring my loyalty to the wine we grow here in Ontario but it is more then just pride that creates that loyalty. Sure on the broader scale of wine across the globe Canada as a whole, let alone Ontario, will rarely get any attention from the experts and writers. If not for the notoriety of ice wine, Canada actually wouldn’t even be taught as part of any formal wine education curriculum. But my friends that is all beginning to change. The only way for a region to gain credibility in the world of wine is to produce a quality product. At the end of the day all the greatest wine regions are known as such because they produce the best wine. Ontario in its own right is beginning to become quite well recognized for high quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These grapes tend to perform very well in cool climate regions which we obviously have. Similarly they tend to be the most commonly used in the production of sparkling wine (including most Champagne) so as you can guess we’re starting to make headway with that as well. So the next time you’re thinking of grabbing a bottle of Pinot or Chard, think local. My favourites include Lailey Vineyards in Niagara on the Lake, Thirty Bench in Beamsville, or Coyotes Run in Niagara. However if you want the best we have to offer then fork out the $40 and get the base line wine from Le Clos Jordanne who right now are making the best of both currently produced domestically. If you want even more information on all Ontario has to offer check out my friend @_patriciaGD who is passionate about Ontario’s product and writes a wonderful blog herself. Patricia Dinsmore

2) The screw cap debate

Once and for all here are my thoughts on the screw cap vs. cork debate. Simply stated what is there to debate? Corks are the old fashioned way of doing things. Other than the slightly greater pleasure we all get from opening the cork they offer nothing more to the wine. In fact the screw cap is better. Although statistics vary slightly, approximately 5% off all the wine you buy will be faulted. Two of the most common faults include cork taint (obvious where that comes from) and oxidization. Both of which you don’t get with screw capped wines. So although the traditionalists may disagree there should really be no debate here which is why screw cap use is constantly on the rise. So get the cork stigma out of your mind. Buy wine because it’s good not because of what the producer chose to close it with.

3) Johnnie Walker Black Label

I will be the first to admit that I love the quality association and reputation of single malt scotch. I love scotch in general but, mentally at least, I love single malt scotch the most. But I also appreciate that there are some exceptional blended scotches out there as there are also exceptional Irish whiskeys, bourbons, etc. I try to keep a basic blended scotch on hand at all times and I strongly recommend the Johnnie Walker Black. Sure it’s a major corporate brand and is mass produced, but it is a tremendous scotch. It’s not overly complex by any means but always enjoyable. For those who just want to try a scotch out it would be a good choice. Or for those who try to keep something on hand for their father in law you will get plenty of respect for what you will spend.

– Mark
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