The Toronto Festival of Beer

Perhaps it’s because we are in the midst of the calmest winter in recent memory but I discovered yesterday that despite it not yet being February tickets to the Toronto Festival of Beer are already on sale. Beerfest will run this year from July 27-29 at the Bandshell at Exhibition place. Say what you will about the inflated prices, the line-ups that often extend around the street to get in, or the plethora of 30 something’s acting like college kids, I love Beerfest. I’ll admit I am one of those acting like a college kid… even more so than normal.

Here’s the thing with Beerfest. You need to leave your beer snobbery at the door. Sure I hate Budweiser as much as the next guy, but that’s not the point. Even more so than the wine show Beerfest is not actually about sampling beer to decide what to buy later. So just embrace it. You’re outside with friends with endless beer at your disposal. It’s that much better than being parked in your own backyard with a case or two on ice.

Lets be honest you can’t really have a bad time at Beerfest. There was 2007 when it was boiling hot but gorgeous outside or the following year when it poured rain all day. In fact a game of soaking wet beach volleyball broke out. I think I saw a mud slide that the cops tried to shut down. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a blast.

So let the drunks have their fun… I’ll see you there.

– Mark
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2 thoughts on “The Toronto Festival of Beer

  1. Totally agree with ya buddy. Being a huge beer snob myself I leave the snobbery at home for events like this. Anywhere where there is a mass amount of beer consumption and people you must embrace the event for what it is. I will be first in line to funnel a PBR for god’s sake. Snobbery is only allowed when there are options to choose from. By the way…..I loved the 9 step scotch tasting read.

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