Post Valentines Day Wine Review – Cupcake Red Velvet

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day.  I don’t really get it.  People go nuts buying flowers, chocolate, wine, cards, dinner, jewelry, and everything else for their sweethearts on February 14th.  I’m all for making your loved ones feel special, but why does it have to be so contrived and expected on one day a year?  Why not try to be a good boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/other everyday of the year?  Companies are banking significant price increases on these romantic gifts.  Why not buy them on the 15th at half the price and surprise your special someone?  Anyways I digress.  This blog is not about my thoughts on Valentine’s Day.  However for many of the reasons I just mentioned I chose to finish this post the day after Valentine’s Day.

This blog is however about wine.  It is another one of those romantic products that I expect would see an increase in sales on Feb 14th.  One in particular I would expect a huge sales spike in is Cupcake Red Velvet wine from California, especially since it is on sale at the LCBO right now for $13.95 (LCBO #260851).  The name alone caters to this day.  However with all due respect, love, and apologies to my good friend Maggie who introduced me to this wine on New Year’s this year… I do not recommend it.  It is made up primarily of Zinfandel, but also includes some Cab Sauv, Merlot and Petite Sirah.  Maybe it’s because I don’t like Zinfandel much, but this wine does not work.  You do get hints of chocolate and black cherry and there is some residual sweetness.  However in trying the 2009 I also find stewed plum and alcohol that is completely unbalanced.  I believe the goal here was to create a wine which tasted like Red Velvet cupcakes and they may have succeeded to some extent… but are those flavours you want in your wine?  Perhaps… but not me.

For those that celebrated I hope you enjoyed yourselves.  For those that enjoyed a nice bottle of wine send over your thoughts and tasting notes.  Feedback and comments are always appreciated.

– Mark
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