iYellow Wine Club

I thought I would dedicate today’s post to a company who I consider to be at the forefront of the Toronto Social Wine Scene and who’s founder I consider to be a personal friend.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions or had any of the following thoughts?
– I love wine but I am just not confident in my tasting ability
– I wish I knew more about wine but I just can’t stand that snobbery that wine critics exhibit
– Is there a group in Toronto that does wine tastings in a fun and social setting?
– I wonder if a lot of people are like me and want to know more about wine but don’t know where to start

If you find yourself relating to any of the above I present the answer to you… iYellow Wine Club.  In its simplest form iYellow is a social club for the casual and educated wine lover alike.  Started in 2006 they are now up to an astounding 8,000 members.  Once you have joined and attended an event you will quickly understand why.  With the quick wit and fun loving attitude of founder Angela Aiello, the events are extremely enjoyable while being unthreatening to the even the most passive or introverted wine lover out there.  Whether its a quiet Thursday night gathering and social wine tasting at Marben (http://www.marbenrestaurant.com/) or a Malbec World Day celebration with hundreds in attendance and a featured DJ, these events are blast.  They now even offer group trips abroad with this years group trekking to the heart of the Tuscan wine region at the end of June.  Leave all the details to the iYellow group and you won’t be disappointed.  Plus with 8,000 members they now have group buying power and the relationships in the wine world to bring you the best of the best at a very reasonable cost.

Another great feature is their wine school classes where you can study subjects ranging from the Wines of California to Wines of Argentina on any given night.  Trust me coming from someone who has studied wine for the past year and a half, it can be a daunting task and one you have to be committed to.  iYellow on the other hand gives members the chance to learn about wine at their convenience and choose classes only that meet their particular interests.  So you can attend one class or all of them if you so desire.  They are hosted by Angela herself in conjunction with one of Toronto’s foremost sommelier’s, Taylor Thompson.

Among all this however here is the best part.  Joining iYellow is absolutely free! There is no obligation to attend anything that they do.  So join today and become a part of the wine revolution!

Join today: http://iyellowwineclub.com/membership
iYellow Wine School: http://iyellowwineclub.com/wineschool
iYellow upcoming events: http://iyellowwineclub.com/events
iYellow Blog: http://iyellowwineclub.com/blog
Follow Angela on Twitter: @angelaaiello
Follow iYellow on Twitter: @iyellowwineclub

– Mark
Follow me on Twitter: @towineman 


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