Somewhere the Beer Gods are cringing…

Earlier this week they were giving away free Michelob Ultra beer at the corner of Bay and Adelaide.  People in my office were raving and Twitter was a buzz.  Then I caught wind of a few tweets yesterday that they were giving away samples of the all new Bud Light Lime Mojito at Queen and John.  Once again Twitter was a buzz.  To cap it all off this morning I grabbed a copy of the Metro and it was littered with ads for the all new Coors Light Iced Tea.  Then just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I read an article for “The Smirnoff Rocket.”  Yes ladies and gentlemen we can now get a mix of 50% beer and 50% Smirnoff Ice.

I guess people are excited but all I can think is that somewhere the beer gods are cringing.

I’ll even use this space to rehash a tweet I posted yesterday.

I mean if fruit beers weren’t already enough we had to deal with the rise to fame of wheat beers a few summers ago (Keith’s White launched in May 2009) and the lime beer craze also of 2009 (Bud Light Lime launched to fame in Spring 2009).  Is summer 2012 poised to be another summer filled with gimmicky, over the top, tacky beers?  Are we going to have to deal with these ridiculous beer launches every 3 years or so?

I’ll admit I have not tried any of the beers I am questioning here.  I would certainly try them all once, but I can virtually assure you that I will not like them.  I also understand that these beers are not targeted at me.  But whatever happened to the classic summer promotions for Molson Canadian featuring friends at the cottage, on the dock, enjoying a Canadian? Or even the “Brava… the beer of Summa” radio ads?   Say what you want about either of those beers they are still in another league all together than the “Smirnoff Rocket.”

If any legit brewer out there, anyone from the Ontario Craft Brewers, or just anyone who works for one of the fine craft breweries we have in Ontario (all Flying Monkeys, Muskoka, Creemore, Beaus, Great Lakes, King Brewery, or Mill Street employees I am talking to you) reads this blog I would be very interested in interviewing you for a future post.  I would be interested in getting your thoughts on the beers I mentioned above.  Together we can discuss if the beer gods are in fact cringing.

I’ll even go this far… though I have been overly critical at times of the basic Coors Light please pass one my way this summer!!! I’ll take a Silver Bullet over a Bud Light Lime Mojito any day of the week.

– Mark
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One thought on “Somewhere the Beer Gods are cringing…

  1. they are all terrible……although I have not had them all, I can only assume. They are basically beer coolers. I hate how the amazing word “beer” gets dragged through the mud of these awful products.

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