Off to Italy!

Dear readers, followers, family, & friends.

Consider this post my “out of the office” message for the next two weeks.  If this was one of those classic bounce back messages we all receive it would read something like this…

“I’m sorry to have missed your e-mail.  Please note I will be out of the office from Sept 14th – Sept 30th.  In that time I will have no access to e-mail or voicemail as I will be touring the gorgeous landscape that is the Amalfi Coast of Italy.  I will be drinking some of the best wine the world has to offer and eating some of the best food you can find.  I may even get to Tuscany and Rome for a few days along the way.  But don’t worry your message is important to me and I will respond to it and also provide a recap of my trip when I return.”

Or something like that…

Talk to you all soon.

– Mark
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