A Few Thanksgiving Recommendations

I was in Muskoka last weekend and it finally sunk it what a wonderful time of year this is.  The colours on the leaves in Muskoka were breathtaking and I just love the cool mornings and evenings with very comfortable temperatures during the day.  I have declared on many occasions that Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday of the year and I stand by that.  The food, the drinks, and all the time with family.  All without the chaos and gift giving associated with Christmas.  It’s glorious.

Yesterday I sat in on a quick online chat on Canada.com where some of Canada’s top wine and food writers contributed their thoughts and recommendations for Thanksgiving dinner.  I managed to chime in a few times with my thoughts and I thought I would share those with you.

Here are my top Thanksgiving drink recommendations:

Wine: Late Harvest Riesling – Not typically as sweet as an icewine, this wine is excellent to serve with traditional Thanksgiving desserts like Pumpkin or Apple Pie.  Try the recent releases from Chateau de Charmes or Cave Springs.  Plus as I said yesterday in the discussion, doesn’t the name just scream Thanksgiving?
Beer: Muskoka Brewery Harvest Ale – Just released a few weeks ago, Muskoka Cottage Brewing has their Harvest Ale available now.  It’s a big beer at 7% but is loaded with flavour.  A bit spicy with a long bitter finish and some fresh carbonation, this beer will hold up to the many different dishes typically served with Thanksgiving dinner, including a great match with stuffing or squash.
General Serving Tip – The burning Thanksgiving question is always what wine do I serve with turkey, white or red? It came up in the discussion yesterday and many perspectives were given.  Turkey is versatile and as such you can confidently serve a red or white and the best advice is to try to pair the wine to the sauce you serve with your turkey as it is typically a dominant flavour.  Classic Thanksgiving pairings include a full bodied Chardonnay or a fresh Ontario Pinot Noir.  However my best advice is to include both a red and white wine on the table because Turkey dinner truly is versatile and so will be the pairing preferences of your guests.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

– Mark
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