Value Wine Ratings

At our model for rating wines is more of a value proposition.  We want to be able to recommend wines to you that are not only considered quality wines across the industry, but also offer the consumer value.  Our wine rating scale takes into account price as well as an industry rating (which is calculated by averaging the ratings across a number of the industries top critics).  Our model then presents a true wine rating with all important factors taken into consideration… including price.

So we actually score every wine on two points.  First our industry rating, which itself is more accurate than most.  It is literally an average rating from a number of the industries top critics.  So it’s not one person’s opinion of the wine and it’s not our opinion of the wine.  Second we offer the towineman rating, which is this industry rating and the price, plugged into our model to produce a weighted rating of value.  If both come out high, you have a great wine at a great price.  There is no personal opinion or bias here at all.

The 100 point rating system of wine was popularized by Robert Parker and is now very widely used to rate wines.  Hence we can gather a variety of critics reviews based on the same system.  Typically a rating over an 85 is expected for all wines we will see in the marketplace.  Here is what the scale might typically look like:
88-89 – Good
90-91 – Very good
92-93 – Excellent
94-95 – Outstanding

The towineman scale is not dissimilar at all. Our breaking point is effectively $35 (in the Ontario market) so you are unlikely to see a wine recommended here that is over $35, unless it’s industry rating is very, very, high.  However we will continue to show you wines from all price points because we present both the towineman rating and the industry average so you then have all the information you will need to make an informed buying decision.  As you get more and more familiar with the rating system you will notice a towineman score of 90 or above is where we will recommend wines.  What that means is the wine has scored well from an industry standpoint but also comes in at an affordable price point.  Simple.

We hope this is very helpful and enhances your shopping trip.  If you would like to see your favourite wine plugged into our model just e-mail us at  Please send the wine name (or LCBO #) and vintage and we will do our best to post it on the here for you.

Click on each option below to see the full wine rating:

Castillo De Monseran – 91.38
Grant Burge Wines Holy Trinity – 90.56
Wayne Gretzky No. 99 Estate Series Riesling – 88.80
Malivoire Ladybug Rose – 90.83
Yellow Tail Merlot – 86.25
Angels Gate Mountainview Chardonnay – 90.42
Dom Perignon – 78.53
Catena Malbec – 91.40
Thirty Bench Riesling – 90.56


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