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We like to think that this blog is helpful… that it has a purpose.  That purpose is to provide the consumer and readers of this blog with information, recommendations, thoughts, and experiences.  Here at we do that to help you all better appreciate wine and other alcoholic beverages.  Sometimes that takes being critical and sometimes that means singing the praises of things we love.  At the end of the day however we hope that after you have checked in here you get a better understanding and appreciation for the alcoholic drink in your glass.  It is with all of that in mind that we launch “Community Posts”. Here we open the floor to our readers, many of whom are as passionate about the products they drink as we are.  Through these posts we hope to continue to further your appreciation.  We also hope to enlighten the producers out there to some additional thoughts from the average consumer.

If you’re interested e-mail us at to discuss your idea or to review your post.  If approved we will post it to the site.  Please share with us both positive and negative experiences, thoughts, and ideas.  This section is not meant as an outlet for frustration, it is meant as another means to enhance the readers experience.

November 1st, 2012: “Brand Loyalty – Hard to Gain – Easy to Lose”. By Luke Doehn, Kitchener, Ontario.


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