Mission Statement

Similar to a business I wanted this blog to have a distinct mission statement so those that are kind enough to visit, and those that are even more kind and visit often, have a clear understanding of what this blog all about.

So here it is…

There are thousands of wine blogs out there and thousands more if you include blogs on spirits and beer.  Why is that? Well because wine is a fascinating subject with a broad and expanding consumer base.  If you study wine you learn about wine, culture, language, geography, business, viticulture, viniculture, weather systems, terroir, history… the list goes on.  So there is plenty to write about and always more to learn.

What I plan on doing here is nothing earth shattering.  I don’t claim to know any more than the hundreds of thousands of “wine experts” that exist.  However I absolutely love the subject and I absolutely love drinking the products.  That passion will come across in what I envision to be good and honest writing on a subject I enjoy.

I am WSET educated to the advanced level and will continue to learn wine and spirits at every opportunity.  However I don’t plan on overcomplicating the subject to the point of it being intolerable.  At the end of the day I am a wine consumer like everyone else.  With that perspective at the forefront my goal is, with a Canadian focus (Ontario mainly), to make your experience of wine, spirits, and beer more enjoyable.  Simple.

I hope you enjoy.

– Mark
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Top 10 situations to have a drink

I haven’t blogged in awhile.  However instead of a long winded personal update on why I have been so absent from the Blog, I figured a simple entry back into it was a far better idea.

So since everyone likes a top 10 list I figured why not a beverage themed top 10.  Plus I heard @fearless_fred talk about this on the radio the other day which resurrected an old idea I had and a post I actually started about 6 months ago.

Some of these come from my own head, some from others, and some from general conversations I have had over the years.  All of which should at the very least generate some insightful discussion.  So here goes, the top 10 situations where your drink of choice just seems mandatory.

10. Bowling
9. On vacation
8. Watching a sporting event – Live or on TV
7. Playing Pool
6. Adult League Softball
5. At the cottage on the dock
4. The first patio day of the summer
3. Friday night
2. Building IKEA furniture
1. While BBQing

Have a situation that’s better suited than those above?  We would love to hear your feedback.  Leave a comment below, email, or reach out on Twitter.  Would love to hear from you.

– Mark

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